CASLI Exam System – Main site for Exams to be administered. Test Administrator/ Proctor must log into CASLI Exam System to be able to start candidate’s exam.

CASLI website – Check out CASLI’s website for more information on exams and other policies in place and things that candidates needs to know.

Test Administrator Training Manual

CASLI Exam System (CES) Navigation Guide for Test Administrator/Proctors

Troubleshooting guide for Test Administrator / Proctors

LTA Incident Reporting Form

Proctor Payment Invoice

4 Preliminary Checks Guide

QA Exam Guide

LTA Confirmation Email to Candidate (Template to use)

LTA Site Information Form – This can be used to add more test administrator/proctor for the site.

CDC Guideline: Reopening America Guidance

CDC Guideline: Reopening America Disinfectant & Cleaning Guidance