Before the Exam:

  1. Determine if you are eligible to take an exam.
  2. If you are eligible, request that CASLI add an exam into your CES account for purchase.
  3. Once the exam has been added to your account, you will receive an email notifying you to purchase your exam.


After you have purchased your knowledge exam, it may take up to ten business days for us to send your notice of eligibly to ScanTron. Once they receive this notice, they will email you with a Notice to Schedule (NTS) email to your email account. Please refer to that email for further instructions for scheduling your knowledge exam appointment.


After you have purchased your performance exam, you will receive an email from CASLI Exam System verifying your purpose and containing instructions for setting up your exam appointment using CASLI’s Network of Local Test Administrators. Please refer to that email for further instructions on setting up your performance exam appointment.


Exam accommodations requests must be received by CASLI and approved BEFORE you make your exam appointment. If you do not complete this PRIOR TO making your exam appointment, you may not receive the accommodations you requested.

Day of the Exam:

Please read this page on what to expect on the day of your exam very carefully.

Read and make sure you understand/agree to the Candidate Agreement.

Reschedules, cancellations, no shows, emergencies and inclement weather. Note: if you have an emergency and an are unable to take your exam, be sure to contact the test site (ScanTron for the Knowledge exam and your LTA for the performance exam) AND CASLI at

Report any exam irregularities AS THEY HAPPEN. If there are any irregularities that occur during the administration of the exam, it is the candidate’s responsibility to notify the Test Administrator immediately to give them the opportunity to correct any technical or test site issues and to provide the details of any incident on the Candidate Feedback Form after the completion of the exam. You may also report any concerns to The reporting of any irregularities does NOT automatically constitute an exam appeal.

After the Exam:

Visit this site to learn more about scoring and results reports.

Visit this page to learn more about our appeals policy and how to file an appeal. **Note: appeals must be filed within 5 days of exam administration and must be related to exam administration errors, or technology/test site irregularities. We do not consider appeals based on exam results.

Visit this page to learn more about exam pass/fail rates and what those mean.